Operating Procedures All you need to know about Accommodation and facilities, Fire Responsibility, Safety and other General information


  • All lights are TURNED OFF and doors closed when leaving the facilities on daily activities.
  • No boots or dirty footwear inside any building.
  • No fooling inside buildings – especially near bunks and glass windows and doors.
  • All cars must be parked outside facilities leaving the space clear for evacuation if required.
  • BBQ’s can be used, location and permission from Camp Manager on arrival.
  • Respect neighbours and their property – use stiles on ARC property.
  • Ensure all facilities (used) are cleaned thoroughly upon march out.
  • All rubbish accumulated is taken off site with you on departure OR orange/yellow council bags can be purchased and filled to be placed on the road side for the next available rubbish day.


  • Four chalets:

– Two of which have two rooms with ten beds per room.

– Two chalets which have three rooms; two rooms holding six beds and one room holding four beds in each chalet. One of the four bed rooms is also wheel chair accessible.

  • There is one specific chalet for staff accommodation which holds six beds.
Other Areas for Use:

There are a number of other areas and resources available at the Awhitu Environmental Camp. The use of these areas must be arranged at the time of booking, each facility also has its own set of rules which you can see below.

These Rules consist of:

  • The Classroom – Can seat 30 students and includes large tables to accommodate this amount. The room also holds a mobile whiteboard and a television.
  • The Laundry – Contains both coin operated washers and driers, which can be used for the following additional cost:
    • Washing machines and driers cost $2.00 a cycle which the USER will need to provide.
  • The Ablutions – Consist of a gender-based toilet and shower area/s.
    • Sanitary items must NOT be flushed away or put in the non-working burner. Place in the rubbish containers which you will have provided yourself and take home with any other rubbish for disposal.
  • The Kitchen – Our commercial kitchen comes well equipped, the rules of use are listed below:
    • TURN ON the constant hot water boiler (at the wall) upon arrival, and TURN OFF as you depart.
    • DO NOT put fat or oil down the sink as this affects the septic system. Drain all oil/fats into your rubbish containers and take this home along with all other rubbish.
    • DO NOT waste water as the camp is on tank supply.
    • DO NOT cut on stainless steel benches, please use chopping boards provided.
  • The Main Field – Located on camp grounds is situated on a large slope, therefore not practical for use as a playing field. It can however be utilised for some activities.

Fire Responsibility (please read carefully) 

To The Camp Leader:

  • Upon arrival appoint a Fire Warden and Chalet Wardens.
    • Chalet Wardens will report to the Fire Warden.
  • Ensure ALL camp participants are given the following information:
    • The evacuation collection point in case of a fire or other emergency. This is across the road in the Presbyterian Camp gateway.
    • If the fire alarm goes off, leave all personal gear in your chalets and assemble at the Presbyterian Camp gateway.

Fire Wardens Responsibility:

  • If the fire alarm goes off, ascertain if there is a fire (ALARMS ARE NOT MONITORED) dial 111 – report the fire.
    • The correct address is “Awhitu Environmental Camp, 331 Hatton Rd Matakawau, Waiuku”.
  • The Fire Warden MUST put on the Chief Wardens jacket (found in the staff ablution area end of kitchen).
    • The Fire Chief will seek out the Fire Warden.
  • In case of a fire these are the Fire Wardens responsibilities:
    • Organise others to take responsibility for the people in their chalets, ensuring they get to the evacuation point (Presbyterian Camp getaway, across the road).
    • Those delegated must complete a roll check to ensure everyone is there and then report to you.
    • You must keep everyone there until the Fire Chief releases you.

Responsibility of People In Charge Of Chalets:

  • Ensure everyone is safely evacuated from their chalet and move to the evacuation point (Presbyterian Camp getaway, across the road).
  • If it is safe to do so, ensure the windows and doors of the chalet are closed.
  • At the evacuation point take an accurate roll and report your results to the Chief Warden.


Sounds great! How do I book or enquire?

If you want to make a detailed booking enquiry use our easy online booking request form

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