School Services Academy Empower the individual, Strengthen the community

The School Services Academy (SSA) programmes are military focused and delivered to High School Students. The three separate programmes are NZQA accredited and delivered to: Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 Students with the aim of promoting a positive learning environment to increase student engagement and achievement.


The purpose of these programmes is to provide Schools an alternative learning programme to help re-engage students and/or provide a pathway to services. It will be through the use of military concepts and instruction this programme will develop student interaction and engagement. These programmes focus primarily on student attitude, discipline and behavior, through the use of drill, physical training and academic study.

These programmes differ from others in the current educational system, in that, these will be:

  • Taught and assessed by subject matter experts.
  • Resourced and governed by HWCT, and
  • Provide a progressive pathway of Learning.

The information described has been designed and created by High Wire Charitable Trust in partnership with Vertical Horizons NZ. The progressive journey provides students the continual learning support, guidance and assistance providing a greater chance of success in School and Adult life.


These programmes can be placed in High Schools around New Zealand and currently running in the following Schools – Waiuku College and Morrinsville College.

Entry Requirements

There are no literacy or numeracy requirements to join a SSA programme. (Each student must declare language, literacy and numeracy requirements prior to the programme start date.) Students can choose to join the Academy at any of the above year levels and will need to be physically fit and free of injuries. The Service Academy programmes can cater a maximum 20 students on each programme.

Course Programmes

Cadet Forces Foundation Skills – Self-Management Level 2 (Year 10)

Cadet Forces Foundation Skills – Leadership Level 2 (Year 11)

Cadet Forces Foundation Skills – Outdoor Recreation Level 2 (Year 12)

Our Certifications

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