School Services Academy Scholarship Scheme New Zealand Certificate in Business (Introduction to Team Leadership)

The School Services Academy Scholarship Scheme (SSAS) is a new learning initiative, aimed at promoting self-management and team leadership. These programmes are NZQA accredited and delivered to Year 10 and Year 13 students.


This programme provides New Zealand small business entities or the armed forces (including the emergency services) with personnel able to contribute to effective team performance & the potential to be effective in a leadership role within a team. It further aims to produce young New Zealanders comfortable in a knowledge-based environment, who are positively contributing members of New Zealand’s bi-cultural, & multi-cultural society.

This programme is specifically designed for those currently working in industries such as Construction & Infrastructure, Manufacturing & Technology, Primary Industries, Service Industries, Social & Community Service, Creative Industries and Defence & Emergency services.

Content & Delivery

This programme consists of eight modules delivered over 40 weeks and delivered to high school students. (This programme is currently running at the following School – Fairfield College, Hamilton)


People graduating from this programme may be prepared for entry level employment in small business enterprises, retail sales, first line management positions, introductory administration & technology positions, emergency services or the armed forces or can progress to further study in:

  • NZ Cert in Business (Small Business) L4 Ref 2457
  • NZ Cert in Business (1st Line Management) L4 Ref 2456
  • NZ Cert in Business (Admin & Tech) L4 Ref 2461


  • NQF 2453
  • NZSCED 080301
  • New Zealand Certificate in Business (Introduction to Team Leadership) Level 4

Our Certifications

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